Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day in review!!!

I'm not sure about your part of the world, but here in Midwest America we had FABULOUS Earth Day weather. The family spent a GOOD part of the day outside... to include an evening on a blanket plopped down in our front yard. The neighbors were out and we all got to spend some good time together after mostly not seeing each other over the winter.

We're all charged up by Earth Day... ready to do all of the things that Oprah recommended in her show:

From changing to energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) to buying Shaklee's Get Clean Home Health Kit

but my question to everyone is... will this be akin to new years resolutions? As soon as the mass media stops talking about it on every channel of the tv and radio will you forget and go back to your non-green ways?

Our hope here at Green Girl's Guide is that you will check back often for your daily dose of what to do next! For your reminders and inspiration to continue on w/ your resolutions of yesterday!

We've got one planet it's up to us to keep it green!

We are thinking and working on ways that we can better support your need to be GREEN so please give us any ideas and feedback about what you need to keep you motivated. Is it product you are looking for? If so, what products would you like easy access too? Is it information? Give us some hints and we'll do our best!

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