Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ikea... who knew!?

I'm so relieved to see that not only am I saving myself some coin when I shop at Ikea (which isn't as much these days... now that I'm trying not to buy new stuff), but I can feel good about my purchases in regard to their environmental and social impact.

Ikea has a code of conduct that outlines that all people they do business with must conduct fair working practices and strive to minimize their environmental impact. And if their partners can't maintain this code the relationship will end. That is inspiring. I only wish all businesses operated that way. They offer low cost items, but not at ANY cost.

Grist did an interview with Ikea's sustainability director Thomas Bergmark regarding a plastic bag promotion that Ikea is running and their environmental practices. Ikea started a program where they would charge 5cents for each plastic bag (donating the proceeds to American Forests) to discourage the use of the bags and offered the reusable blue bags you get when you shop there for just 59cents. The bigger news is that Ikea is working to make itself more environmentally friendly. It takes time in choosing a new location for it's stores taking into consideration the impact on the local biodiversity, it considers it's building materials, their facilities take care in recycling and are aiming to be 25% more energy efficient in the operation of their stores.

Kudos to you Ikea... and thank you for making me feel good about purchases I have made and will likely make in the future!

I still suggest that you HIGHLY consider buying items used, but when that won't work or you just have a hankerin' to check out Ikea (I know you get that feeling!) you can feel good about your purchases!


Karen said...

They are building a new IKEA in Portland, scheduled to open this spring or summer. I can't wait! I love IKEA and their commitment to sustainability. And Andy loves their swedish meatballs!

Michelle said...
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Laura said...

Way to go, girls! I love your new blog and am so impressed that you both are taking the time to do this and inform all of us about how we can help and make an impact. You'll be pleased to know that I have made some changes in the past month from reading both of your blogs and following your suggestions! I'm impressed! Keep it up!
Laura in Seattle

Jennie said...

Good news! We just spent a ton of money remodeling our kitchen with Ikea cabinets. Now we can market our house, or at least our kitchen as a 'green kitchen'!

mdtolic said...

Nice job. I see a future HGTV series here. You green gals better get your green people on it.

And those meatballs are really good.