Monday, February 26, 2007


Welcome to Green Girl's Guide. Karen and I have been posting about all things environmental on our own personal blogs and we thought it would be great to collaborate and create a website together. We are hoping to provide you with one stop shopping for ideas on how to go green in your own life. We will both be posting things here that we discover... both informational and personal things we are working on to decrease our footprint and to go green.

If you have something you are curious about please submit a question, suggestion or request in the comments section and we will look into it ... give you feed back and probably tell you what we think about it (because we just can't help ourselves!)

This is a work in progress and we hope you enjoy your time here!

Go green,

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Jennie said...

You go girls! Thanks for making this blog! I'll be checking in regularly and making improvements in my own life too!