Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reusable bags

Part of my new year's resolutions this year included (finally) using reusable bags. It is something that I have been thinking about for a really long time. I had vague ideas that I should remember to bring my paper bags back to New Seasons or Trader Joes on my next shopping trip, however it wasn't until I actually returned home, new bags full of groceries, that I remembered that I was going to try to re-use my old ones. Oops. So, as I said above, part of my resolution included using reusable bags FOR SURE! So, I went to New Seasons and forgot my paper bags (of course), but saw that they sold reusable nylon bags for $1.50. I bought one, and also bought a smaller nylon bag that fits in it's own little carrying bag. The little one is great because I can carry it in my purse so I will always have it. I think that is going to be key for me - to always have one on me. Because, a week later, I went to Trader Joes, and FORGOT MY BAG! Arrgh! But, TJ's sells reusable bags for .$99, so I bought two. As they were bagging my groceries, they filled up the two bags and were reaching for a new paper bag when I remembered! The bag in my purse! I whipped it out, and they filled that one, and I walked out of TJ's with my 3 reusable bags. Yippee! Sometimes I still forget though. I watch as they put my one item in a plastic bag, and as I am reaching for it, I remember. Oh, I say, you can keep that bag. I don't need it. Yesterday I walked out of the pet food store with an armload of stuff because I remembered to not take the plastic bag, but didn't remember that I had one in my purse. Oh well - baby steps, right? I figure I have saved dozens of plastic bags already, and I must admit, I feel very good about that. Eventually it will become second nature, but until then, if you see someone walking to her car with an armload of groceries and no bag, just please remind me about the one in my purse...

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