Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conflict Free Diamonds

Getting ready to ask that special someone the BIG question? Coming up on a big anniversary and just love to buy diamonds??? Check out Brilliant Earth - they create beautiful jewelry using conflict free diamonds and they give 5% of their proceeds to African communities negatively effected by the diamond industry. You can also check out their site to learn more about these negative effects.

Another alternative to buying new diamonds is to hit your local pawn shop or estate sale for beautiful antique rings. It is rather affordable. We got my ring at A & S Jewelry in Seattle, WA. They are jewelry brokers. So my ring isn't MY grandmother's, but it's SOMEBODY's grandmother's. A great hint for recycling. :)And we couldn't beat the price!


Karen said...

I have already picked out my sapphire and platinum ring from Brilliant Earth and placed an order with my hubby for our 10-year anniversary! Also, my wedding and engagement ring came from a pawn shop and it is beautiful (and yes, the price was right!)

Diane said...

Love the idea of antique rings. There's a history behind those! I find that more romantic.

Blogger said...

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