Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Portland Recycles Plastic!

The Portland Master Recycler Program, serving the Portland (OR) metro area, sponsor a "plastics round up" a few times per year, and you can bring all the plastic items that you can't recycle in your bins. Here is a list of what they will take:

  • Plastic bags (dry cleaning, store sacks)
  • Plant containers and trays (please knock dirt out ahead of time)
    Please rinse and separate plastics with numbers by each number separately (bags and plant containers go in the first two categories, no styrofoam food trays even if they have a number).
  • Miscellaneous plastics without numbers (Bottle caps, drink lids, DVD's, CD’s, CD cases, cereal liners, straws, lawn/patio furniture, kids\' toys (think slides!), pet igloos, laundry baskets, kiddy pools, & more. . .bring it, we'll try to take it)
  • Reusable Plastic Items. - We especially love buckets! Master Recyclers label and redistribute them to encourage residents to keep glass separate from other recyclables. Be sure and drop by this section to see if you might find a useful item you would like to bring home.

The next Round Up will be held Saturday, May 19, 2007, 9am to 2pm at the following locations:

  • PCC Rock Creek Campus 17705 NW Springville rd
  • PCC Sylvania 12000 SW 49th
  • Floyd Light Middle School 10800 SE Washington

This event has been sponsored 5 times before, and they have reused and recycled over 25 TONS of plastic. What a great motivator to save all that plastic that is not curbside recyclable and bring it around to be donated. This is definitely motivating me to find a way to collect all my non-recyclable plastics, instead of just throwing them in the trash and knowing they will go straight into the landfill. So, for more information on what they do with the plastic and how they recycle it, please visit http://www.masterrecycler.org/plastic-recycling.php. I hope to see you there!

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